Create a Plan for OMB-17-22 for Your Agency

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Create a Plan for OMB-17-22 for Your Agency

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With OMB-17-22, you are facing requirements to create leaner and more efficient processes, improve on the delivery of high-need programs and remove barriers that hinder front-line employees from delivering results. And you need to develop a plan to achieve all of this by June 30, 2017.

This sounds like a tall order, but with the right technology, you can meet these demands.

Maximize employee performance and improve processes with OnBase

With OnBase by Hyland, you leverage an enterprise information platform that provides a foundation for managing the content, processes and cases that drive efficient government.

OnBase improves processes and maximizes employee performance by:

  • Creating a single, central repository for all of your agency’s content and information – making it immediately accessible to staff, and in the right context.
  • Providing a foundation to rapidly develop the solutions your agency needs without the time, cost and expense of custom code solutions
  • Automating the processes so you can deliver programs faster even if you are forced to cut budgets and staff

OnBase was developed to ensure your staff and processes remain aligned so work is completed efficiently and accurately.

If you want to learn more about how OnBase can fit into your OMB-17-22 plans, start by scheduling your consultation today