[eBook] Migrating from Documentum is easier
than you think.

Separating fact from fiction when moving to a new ECM platform


Enterprise content management (ECM) technology has evolved dramatically over the last 10 years. Some organizations consider ECM conversions due to technology changes that affect the scalability, functionality and support available to their legacy software. If your Documentum system is too costly and complex, it might be time to make a change.


The prospect of an ECM conversion to a more modern content services platform can be daunting, but we address and debunk five of the most common myths that stall ECM conversion projects.


If you’re looking to replace your Documentum solution, look inside this eBook to learn:

  • How to address common concerns like cost, time and resources
  • Why the risk of staying with your current system outweighs the concerns
  • How to move forward with an ECM conversion project
  • What to consider and key questions to ask potential new vendors

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